Clash of Rustic and Class with Zen Interior Design

rustic yet classyevery detail countszen - in close detailfew steps outside

Just in case you’re not that familiar, a Zen is basically a kind of Japanese garden. Unlike the usual gardens, this is not filled with flowers. It’s more in green leaves and other touches of nature like sand and stones. When applied on home designing like an interior design office, similar general idea is also […]

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Singularity with Victorian Interior Design

wicker fixturesdark wood and glasscomplete detailsmore than a skylightcomplete details 2

Although there are many modern and contemporary designs today, some homeowners still prefer the laidback yet classy appearance of a Victorian interior design. Indeed, this theme never goes out of the trend and diversified interior designers are utilizing it to generate modern themes. If you’re a bit worried that your house will look outdated with […]

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Stunning Details in a Spanish Interior Design Home

a balcony is a mustprints and anglesan outside peekstunning details

If you’re still in the midst of generating a new theme for your home, it’s a great idea to check home interior design photos found online (like this site!) and on magazines to determine which is the ideal theme for your home. Some concepts are specifically designed for big houses while others are vice versa. […]

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Zen Home Design – When Nature and Creativity Collide

colors of zenmodern-tips-2modern-tipszen means greenfull room idea

For most people, a home is not a home without touches of greens. Aside from scattering pots of it everywhere, one contemporary idea would be to have a Zen home design. This general theme is a great way to add an extra dose of relaxation, since we all know that green is the best color […]

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Urban Interior Design – From Ordinary to Statement Home

urban colorsrough-and-uniquerattan and wickeroutside the boxoutside the box 2

For some people, home remodeling is to be done at least once a year. However, for people like me who can’t get enough of the redesigning thing, it should be done at 3-4 times a year. Some people assume that redesigning costs a lot, when in fact; you just have to be creative especially with […]

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Tips and Tricks to Achieve Spanish Interior Design

steps to the insidemodern spanish themeintricacyyellow is the light

No matter how many modern designs continue to dominate the world of interior designing, nothing can still beat the power of a Spanish interior design. Not only does this not go outdated, such theme also cloaks an array of ideas that every modern theme is now featuring. It just goes to show that a Spanish-inspired […]

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New Wave Retro Interior Design

retro gardenDIY - vocal pointIMG_1480 - Version 3DIY - egg cartons to wall artretro dining

Whether you live in an apartment – where you have limited area to play along with, or in a 2-storey house – where you have all the space and no restrictions when redesigning, it’s an undeniable fact that nothing can beat the fulfillment of being able to fully remodel your house. It’s just in a […]

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DIY Interior Design – How Creative Minds Work

from the outsideplayful coralsthe magic of creativity 2the magic of creativityplayful corals 2in the dark

If you will check interior design and even architecture magazines, you might notice that the trending designs are getting more and more daring. From the color combinations, to the angles, to the entire theme of the house – both inside and outside – all these are now in an array of forms. It just goes […]

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